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The Performance Enhancer You’re Missing

Staying on top of the day-to-day grind is a balancing act we are all in the process of refining. Keeping up with project deadlines, carpooling the kids around town, or maintaining a fitness regime are aspects in our life that need our full energy and attention. There are many things we rely on daily to keep us going –  coffee, a healthy diet, exercise, or even depending on technology to tell us where we need to be and when (I live by my calendar!).

But, there’s a performance enhancer most people are missing: sleep. I will admit, I am guilty of sacrificing much-needed sleep so I could get to everything in my day. And if you know Craig, you know he sacrificed sleep for decades. Lately, I have come to wonder: how can someone really operate at their peak without prioritizing rest?

Sleep is the motor that keeps us going. Having a healthy sleeping schedule allows us to have the clarity of mind and the bandwidth to take care of what’s most important. Consider this list for ways to develop a healthy sleep routine so your busy life is sustainable: 

  • Commit to a regular sleep schedule: Even on weekends, commit to waking up and going to bed at the same time every day. Your body will thank you for the consistency.
  • Create a bedtime routine: Find what calms you and do that regularly before bed. Weighted blankets, keeping your room at a cool temperature, or meditating can be an internal signal to your body that it’s time to relax. I stretch, meditate, and read before bed each night. 
  • Master the Art of Breathwork: Don’t underestimate how influential your breaths are on your well-being. Breath by James Nestor explains the power of breathwork and how to do it. This book has changed my life. Ever since reading it, I have been significantly more aware of my breathing and the affects it has on my wellbeing.  
  • Limit screen time: I know several of us are guilty of checking at least one last email before bed. Get in the habit of putting the phone down at least an hour before bedtime to quiet your mind….okay brokers, maybe thirty minutes before bed is more doable for you.
  • Sound therapy: Listening to certain frequencies and sounds can help quiet the mind and soothe anxiety. Purchasing a sound machine or listening to sound therapy playlists (I recommend this Sleep Therapy playlist on Spotify) are a few at-home remedies to try.

Some may say that sleep is overrated. But, what they should consider is burnout when they don’t have the energy or capacity for their goals (Rocks, GRAVEL, Sand). I’m curious –  how have you prioritized getting the rest you need so you can do it all? I’m all about working until the work gets done but is there a cap to that? Is pulling an all-nighter worth it when it allows you the time to check off all the boxes at the end of the day?

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Charlie Coppola

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