The Cost Of Manual, Repetitive Tasks In CRE

Our mission at CRE OneSource is to automate the mundane and complex processes of CRE transactions. Our goal is to give you back 25% of your week so you can focus on the truly important tasks.  Forbes wrote a great article below and that perfectly explains the need driving our strategy.   Here are some key takeaways: It’s not just time that is wasted on repetitive tasks, it’s money too. With your time freed up, you’ll be better able to focus on chasing new business, expanding your network, and closing lucrative deals. Our technology saves you time by automating the most minuscule parts of any transaction.   The value of relationships is not going away, but the value of technology increases every day. The value of our technology allows you to get…

These Business Tasks Are Taking Years Off Your Life

The article below was eye-opening, explaining how mundane tasks, such as inputting passwords, can eat up months of your life.  So what’s the solution? Technology.  Automation is already here. Services that store and deploy passwords, automatic email filters, apps that correct your spelling and grammar — these tools are available, and the ones who don’t take advantage will quickly fall behind.  Human error is a huge source of wasted time. Technology removes many of those mistakes from the equation, giving you back the time it takes to manually correct them.     That’s why we built CRE OneSource — to give commercial real estate professionals 25% of their time back. Schedule a demo with us here! What technologies are you ignoring that could save you years of your life? Charlie Coppola [email protected]   …

The Biggest Workplace Time-Wasters

Most of us can pinpoint the biggest time wasters in our lives. Social media, television, these distractions can eat up hours, even days of our lives.  But what about in the office? What hidden time-wasters are disguising themselves as productive tasks in your day?  The below article from Forbes lists the 7 biggest workplace time wasters. Here they are, with my thoughts attached.  Unnecessary meetings. Only have scheduled meetings when necessary, and use OBC (Objective-Based Communication) to help keep meetings organized and focused. Multitasking. Only 2.5% of people can multitask effectively. Stop trying to do it.  Micromanaging employees. Put in the time to hire the right people the first time. Then, let them operate in their Unique Ability. Disorganization. Constantly looking for emails or sifting through folders? It’s time to…

Where do Brokers Spend Their Time?

CRE OneSource CEO, Craig Coppola talks about tracking his time over the past 2 decades with his son and CRE OneSource COO, Charlie Coppola. Craig shares the mistakes he's made and lessons he's learned over his 30+ years in the industry. [embedyt][/embedyt]

How to Hack Your Conversations to be More Productive – OBC

Communication is the glue that holds teams and businesses together. Without an effective communication strategy, you’re at risk of falling into a few common traps. From meandering meetings that run way too long to pointless check-ins, lost emails and tasks that slip between the cracks, leaving the important things up to chance is a risky way to run a business. Years ago, I was introduced to the concept of Objective Based Communication or OBC, and it has forever altered the way our team communicates, both internally and externally. This one simple system is the key to our productivity success (and a core value at CRE OneSource). Objective Based Communication OBC is a direct and focused approach to all conversations — in person, emails, sales presentations, written letters, product demos, onboarding…

Stop Wasting Time at Work

If you were to track every minute of your work day, where would all that time go? You might think it’s going to productive work, with a few coffee breaks and meetings in between. The reality, however, is more surprising. The below infographic does a great job of showing where your time goes when you’re at work. You’d be surprised how little real work gets accomplished in the average 8-hour work day. For example: The average employee checks their email 36 times an hour. Annually, a single employee can lose up to $1,800 on unnecessary emails. Half of all meetings are considered time wasted — in fact, employees spend 31 hours in unproductive meetings each month. The average employee faces 56 interruptions a day, and spends around 2 hours a…

Spend Less Time on Emails

For many of us, Inbox Zero is a mythical creature far outside our reach. As emails flood our inboxes every day, we’re faced with the monumental task of sorting through spam, junk, meeting reminders, follow-ups, and important communications.  On average, we spend 28% of our time on emails. Not only is that time better served elsewhere, but when you’re faced with an overflowing inbox, how likely are you to miss out on the truly important communications?  The below article is from 2019 but has some incredibly interesting facts and suggestions for cutting this time-waster down. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, here are a few key strategies to try.  Use keywords. Searching for key words or setting up your inbox settings to flag emails with certain keywords…

The Different Roles of Transaction Coordinators, Assistants, Virtual Assistants, Automation

CRE OneSource CEO, Craig Coppola shares the mistakes he's made and lessons he's learned over his 30+ years in the industry. [embedyt][/embedyt]

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The Intention And Action Gap: How Commercial Real Estate Firms Can Start Adopting Technology

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Respond Mode vs. React Mode

Anyone who works in Commercial Real Estate is familiar with react mode. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps you one step behind, unable to get ahead. You work through the weekend, catching up on emails and updating your to-do list, but when Monday morning rolls around, you get a call at 8am that completely changes your day. Now, you’re spending the rest of the week being pulled in multiple directions, falling behind on all the tasks you had intended to accomplish.  But that’s part of the business, right?  Yes and no.  The unexpected will always happen, but it’s how you approach those distractions that determines your success. Are you approaching your work in react mode or in respond mode?  React Mode vs. Respond Mode Reacting is guided by emotion, typically…

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Automate Your CRE Transactions and Earn More

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Middle Market CRE Investment is Ripe with Opportunity

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2022 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

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Businesses Will Need to Adopt Technology to Keep Up With High Demand

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Inflation Is Here

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