Several Reasons to be Optimistic About 2022 and Beyond


2022 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

Most firms continue to depend on legacy technology systems, which could hamper progress and their ability to innovate. Eight in 10 respondents do not have a fully modernized core system that could easily incorporate emerging technologies. Click Here to Read Deloitte's 2022 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

The Benefits (And Limits) of Fintech in Commercial Real Estate

“Technology can be used to help speed up the due diligence and closing process.” If you’re looking for a modern solution, check out OneSource! Fintech in CRE

11 Stats that Show How SaaS is Really Doing

Technology is changing rapidly, and businesses are adopting new technologies at a record pace. The companies left relying on servers, spreadsheets, and emails will continue to get further behind. Check out these statistics!

Top 10 Issues Affecting the Real Estate Industry


80 SaaS Statistics and Trends

The world is moving towards technology. Don’t be left behind! Check out these statistics!

Key Trends in Software

The biggest challenge companies face with SaaS today is security. Not with OneSource. All your data is encrypted and communication is secure.

CRE Professionals Plan to Increase Their Client Experience-Related Technology Investments

Commercial real estate professionals all over the world are using OneSource to improve their clients’ experience.

Promising Signs Ahead for the Banking Industry

Here are the promising signs ahead for the banking industry in 2022.

Competing Without Software

"Competing without software is like competing without electricity." – Naval Ravikant