CRE Simple is Founded

A Vision Brought to Life

“One of the first rules of real estate is, time kills deals. OneSource is a
Commercial Real Estate technology platform envisioned to compress deal times by 25% and reduce errors through an integrated ecosystem. All tasks, data, and documents live in one place for the ultimate collaboration, with automated workflows and notifications saving precious hours. We built the technology with flexibility allowing users to create specific workflows and then let the system work for them so they can focus on the lifeblood of our business — relationships. This is Commercial Real Estate technology envisioned by, built by, and run by Commercial Real Estate experts.”


A Vision Brought to Life

3 rounds of funding totaling
almost $7 million and 4 years
of development

A Chance Encounter

Craig meets Laura Millichap
in San Francisco at NAR
National Convention

CRE OneSource is Founded

In June 2021, Craig Coppola
acquired all company assets

We rebranded, adopting a new
company name to better align with the
mission and purpose of the platform

A new name called for new
core values to help guide our
journey forward

The changes didn’t stop there, we began
building up our team, refining our product,
and creating a world-class company

We’re Not Done Yet

Our core team is staffed by
experts who know Commercial
Real Estate inside and out

We became SOC 2 certified, adding
layers of protection and security
to our platform to ensure all our
clients’ data is encrypted and secure

Join us as we modernize
CRE transactions