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Stop Wasting Time at Work

If you were to track every minute of your work day, where would all that time go?

You might think it’s going to productive work, with a few coffee breaks and meetings in between. The reality, however, is more surprising.

The below infographic does a great job of showing where your time goes when you’re at work. You’d be surprised how little real work gets accomplished in the average 8-hour work day.

For example:

  • The average employee checks their email 36 times an hour.
  • Annually, a single employee can lose up to $1,800 on unnecessary emails.
  • Half of all meetings are considered time wasted — in fact, employees spend 31 hours in unproductive meetings each month.
  • The average employee faces 56 interruptions a day, and spends around 2 hours a day recovering from those distractions.

When you start tallying up the cost of these time wasters, it adds up to massive revenue loss. Can you afford to waste any more time?

Charlie Coppola, COO
[email protected]

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