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40 Years and Counting

Our Founder & CEO, Craig Coppola, has been a Commercial Real Estate broker for over 40 years and has completed over 4,000 transactions. Today, he is the #1 producer in the history of Lee & Associates (7th largest CRE brokerage in the US).

Generic Software Creates Massive Pain Points for Brokers

Every software program Craig and his team used had to be purchased, modified, customized, and hacked just to make it work. Hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars later, Craig knew there had to be a better way.

Enter CRE OneSource

In June of 2021, CRE OneSource was born, a revolutionary software for Commercial Real Estate.

We experimented with the design, assembled a world-class team, and launched our product, helping brokers build their business.

A Cry for Simplicity

After talking to brokers, we heard 3 things: brokers were begging for something simple, specifically designed and created for CRE brokers, and inexpensive.

Today we are...


(January 2024)


(March 2023)


(Q4 2024)

Mobile Experience (Q3 2024)






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