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Our podcast that tackles the hard-hitting issues brokers face…without pulling punches.

Today’s topic of CRE – The Unspoken Truth, Craig Coppola, CCIM, SIOR touches on building relationships over the phone. If […]

Today’s topic of CRE – The Unspoken Truth, is Setting the Trajectory of Your Career. If you haven’t yet read […]

Today’s topic of CRE – The Unspoken Truth, is Mentorship. Mentorship is CRITICAL in life, and especially in Commercial Real […]

If you know our CEO, Craig, you know he has an uncanny ability to fit as much as possible into […]

Today’s topic of CRE – The Unspoken Truth, is Rocks, GRAVEL, Sand. Rocks, GRAVEL, Sand is a metaphor for setting […]

For today’s episode of CRE – The Unspoken Truth, our topic is How to think big picture AND focus on […]

We provide our own perspective on current CRE topics, offering unique takeaways on articles, trends, and broker challenges.

The most impactful people in our life are the ones that truly listen and understand us. Is there someone in […]

I have always admired the dedication and work ethic of athletes. In fact, we’ve hired a handful of ex-athletes and […]

Not all referrals were created equal. Referrals can be the lifeblood of a successful career. However, often overlooked is the […]

“86% of young employees report being willing to give ground on compensation to work at a business aligned with their […]

Navigating mentorship is like embarking on a journey with a trusted guide. Leaders, like mentors, hold the map to help […]

In commercial real estate brokerage, delivering exceptional customer experiences is critical to be successful. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), brokers have […]

Our own original content addressing various topics relevant to CRE Brokers.

Staying on top of the day-to-day grind is a balancing act we are all in the process of refining. Keeping […]

As we know, technology is only growing and playing a more pivotal role in business. Commercial real estate brokerage is […]

Data is everywhere and the world is shifting and embracing data in all areas of business. Let’s delve into why […]

We spend a significant percentage of our lives at our jobs. Maintaining healthy habits at work is crucial for sustained […]

Check this out! Brock Baker just joined our team, full-time, at the start of the year. Prior to that, he […]

As a broker reliant on only commissions, with deals hanging by a thread, and no consistent paycheck, managing stress is […]

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