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Our Customers

You guys have built something that’s pretty awesome. The whole ‘built by brokers, for brokers’ is pretty real.

Bryan Leon, 330Land, Irvine, CA

It’s going really well, it’s on autopilot right now. Part of my daily routine.

Brandon Saylor, Base 5 Retail Partners, Albuquerque, NM

I love this program! It is so easy to just drop deals in there as they come in and it really has everything we need without being so cumbersome (like some other CRMs we know).

Theresa Warber, Assistant for Tyson Breinholt, CPI

The simplicity is great, the layout is nice, the information is valuable. Overall, we’re fans.

Phil Fischler, Fischler Co., Fort Myers, FL

We’ve really enjoyed it. It’s a great program.

Courtney Galyan, Meta CRE, Indianapolis, IN

It’s been a great resource. I’ve told a bunch of people at my company about it.

Eric Hammond, Commonwealth Commercial, Richmond, VA

OneSource has been a lifesaver.. {One of our team members} was in Thailand and we relied on OneSource to track all of our deals. The ability to take notes on each deal and have her be able to get caught up all in one place was so helpful. And it was great for us to be able to not drop the ball while down a team member! All in all, we love OneSource!

Kelly Ahman, The Colorado Group, Boulder, CO

I love it! It’s like an iPhone, it’s so intuitive.

Dean August, Guggenheim Commercial Real Estate Group, Solon, OH

It’s been awesome, it’s the first software we’ve found that we can all get on board to use. It’s been easy to learn.

Liz Amaro, The Colorado Group, Boulder, CO

Everything is great. In my opinion, every broker should be using this.

Parker Maher, Shawver Group, Kansas City, KS

It’s great. I use it every day. Every day I make notes on my deals, and it’s so easy.

Jeff Buckler, Lee & Associates, Naples, FL

I love it. It’s phenomenal. Last week I had 2 deals slipping through the cracks and Deal View saved me. I’ve been telling everyone in my office about it, they think I’m getting paid to sell it, but I just love it that much. I will forever be a customer of Deal View.

Grant Horton, Colliers, Columbus, OH

You NAILED it! This is exactly what we were looking for!

Chris Hollenbeck, Cushman & Wakefield, Phoenix, AZ

The platform works really well for us. There are so many ways we can use it! We love all the new features you’ve added. Everyone on our team loves how simple it is.

Hannah Dusing, Rapid City Commercial, Rapid City, SD

It’s way better than our excel spreadsheet. I love seeing what’s going to close this year and what we’re expecting to close in Q1.

Gaines Hanks, Lee & Associates, Nashville, TN

It’s always helpful. Helps me be proactive with all my deals. Also helps me track my outstanding commission payments.

Kelly Schnebly, Colliers, Boise, ID

 liked Deal View, but at the end of the year, I loved Deal View. It organized my whole year, showed me how much volume I did, and where I earned my money. Way better and more insightful than just asking my accountant.

Sherri Beregeovoy, Infinity Commercial Real Estate, Miami, FL

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