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The Commercial Real Estate industry is changing…dramatically.

In 10 years, there will be fewer brokers than there are today. Why? The rapid change of technology will eliminate those who can’t keep up and reward those who embraced technological advancements. CRE brokers will be required to do more, and be better. In an era when every deal carries heightened significance, the distinction between opportunities seized and opportunities missed lies in the ability to convert data into decisive actions.

Beyond CRM,
Beyond Passive

Success demands more than a passive data repository. CRE OneSource is a pioneering force, redefining the landscape as the premier intelligent data conversion system tailored explicitly for CRE brokers. Our products stand out among conventional CRM tools and static Excel spreadsheets, which are glorified file cabinets, with our three key offerings.

OS Prospects converts data into insights, insights into new prospects, and prospects into deals.

OS Deal View intelligently guides brokers towards strategic decision making and deal closure, from start to finish.

OS Bock Office, when completed, will take closed deals and process the completed transaction smoothly and efficiently.

A Unified View
For Precision

In CRE transactions, everything is connected, which means everything should be visible. CRE OneSource gives brokers an all-encompassing view of prospects, opportunities, and transactions ensuring no detail goes unnoticed, and no opportunity slips through the cracks. Whether you’re a seasoned broker or newcomer, our platform bestows the clarity and insights necessary to execute with unparalleled efficiency.

Transforming Data
Into Strategic Assets

Data alone is a dormant resource. What truly matters is the ability to harness data and translate it into strategic assets. Our state of the art tools empower brokers to transform passive information Into specific, tangible actions. Gone are the days of sifting through CRMs, spreadsheets, emails, and paperwork in search of opportunities. With CRE OneSource, seizing opportunities becomes a confident, streamlined endeavor.

Filling the Gaps,

An oversight, no matter how minuscule, can lead to missed opportunities. CRE OneSource is your unwavering safety net, eliminating the cracks where deals fall apart. Our advanced tools enable you to vigilantly track every facet of your transactions and essential follow-ups, and stay on top of critical dates and milestones. Bid farewell to the frustration of missed opportunities and embark on a path to unbroken success.

The Intelligent Data
Conversion System
For Brokers

CRE OneSource is more than just a platform; it’s the catalyst reshaping the landscape for CRE brokers. With CRE OneSource, you’re not merely a broker; you’re a powerhouse capable of dominating the market, armed with intelligence and precision. Our arsenal of products is set to position you for unparalleled success—from now and into the future.

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