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Living the Values that Matter

Companies thrive when all team members can align on their mission and the day-to-day steps required to achieve their goals. By far the most critical thing to help teams achieve that cohesion is by crafting a shared set of values that everyone on the team can agree with. 

But in the corporate world, company values have become cliches. Buzzwords like “dedication” and “integrity” that slapped on nice letterhead but are rarely lived out in daily life. Worse, these words aren’t easily apparent to the audiences and clients that those companies serve.  

At CRE OneSource, our values are the foundation of our company and guide everything we do. We believe in creating a balanced lifestyle that includes time for family, personal growth, and relaxation. We also believe in transparency and making life easier through the use of technology. Our values reflect those beliefs, and, more importantly, guide our decisions and interactions with team members and clients. 

So what are those values? 

Date Night

One of our core values is date night. We believe that spending quality time with loved ones is essential for overall well-being and happiness. That’s why we make it a priority to offer our clients the opportunity to buy time through our website, so they can enjoy date night and other important aspects of their lives without feeling overwhelmed by work.

Date night is just what we call it, but this value also refers to running a marathon, family time, and getting ahead in life. Within our own team we believe in the importance of physical and mental health, as well as the pursuit of personal and professional growth. We want to empower all of our clients and team members to have the time and resources they need to achieve their goals and live a fantastic life.


Transparency is also a key value at CRE OneSource. We believe that clients, partners, and team members should have access to real-time information on all of their transactions. This level of transparency allows everyone to be on the same page and ensures that our clients always know what is going on with their business. We strive to make it easy for CRE professionals to get a snapshot of their business without spending hours compiling data.

Teams of One and Many

At CRE OneSource, we value teams and companies of all sizes equally. We understand that the CRE industry is made up of both large publicly traded companies and small boutique firms. Both types of businesses rely on outdated methods like emails and excel spreadsheets to conduct transactions. That’s why we offer a better way through our technology platform, which streamlines and simplifies the CRE transaction process.

We don’t differentiate between clients. We believe in treating every customer with the same level respect and dedication. We mold our technology to be useful and scalable no matter how many people on a team. 

Our Future

Finally, we value our future and the role of technology in shaping it. We believe that technology has the potential to transform the CRE industry and make life easier for everyone involved. The ball of technology is already rolling down the hill, and CRE professionals are chasing after it. CRE OneSource is making it easier to catch up, and get ahead of the curve. 

In summary, CRE OneSource strives to reinvent CRE deals through connected software that brings speed, certainty, and transparency to every transaction. Our values align us, not only with the members of our team, but our customers and their teams as well. The only way we’ll reach our goals, and help our customers do the same, is if we embody these principles every day. 

Charlie Coppola 
[email protected] 



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