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10 Things to Do to Get Business

Rainmakers are the two or so people in the firm who are responsible for generating most of the new business and revenue, per Jeffrey Fox. Big-hitting Rainmakers are among the highest paid employees in every company in every industry. If becoming a Rainmaker is your goal, keep reading. 

One of the chapters from that book is titled 10 Things to Do to Get Business. Here’s that list. 

  1. Send a handwritten note 
  2. Clip and send an article of interest
  3. Talk to a happy client and ask who else you might help
  4. Thank you gift for some who referred you
  5. Give your business card to someone with influence 
  6. Send a letter to the editor of a magazine your customers read
  7. Add 15 people to your mailing list
  8. Leave a compelling voicemail – I’ve been trying to change tone / cadence on these. Be short and abrupt, don’t leave your number. Say something funny or unique. Vary them.
  9. Make an appointment
  10. Call a client you haven’t talked to in 2 years

What’s missing? Reach out if you’re curious to hear more about the book!

Charlie Coppola
[email protected] 


10 Things to Do to Get Business: An excerpt from the book “How to Become a Rainmaker:: The Rules for Getting and Keeping Customers and Clients” by Jeffrey J Fox.



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