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Are you in Crippling Tech Debt?

Recent surveys from Deloitte reveal that 61% of global real estate owners and investors are still reliant on outdated technology infrastructures. The journey towards modernization is a pivotal step, but as the saying goes, successful implementation is often more complicated than clicking ‘update.‘”

The data further highlights that up to 73% of enterprise data across industries goes unused, creating untapped opportunities for leaders in the real estate sector. It’s time to harness the power of this valuable information to drive innovation and strategic decision-making.

While technology is the linchpin for achieving strategic goals, the silent hindrance, technical debt, lurks in the shadows. Our research shows that this “tax” on development comprises about 40% of IT balance sheets, with an additional 10 to 20% added to address tech debt on top of project costs.

This is why we have created our products. To give brokers simple access to this business changing data.

Attached here is a graphic from the team of Mckenzie Digital that shows this alarming process:

There is currently a unique opportunity to embrace the challenge of modernization and turn the tide on technical debt. Seize the opportunities hidden within your data and lead the way to a tech-forward future.



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