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Stay on the Bus

“Stay on the bus,” a phrase we have adopted, embraced, and ingrained into our business at CRE OneSource.

For us, it’s a metaphor of persistence and patience in the face of challenges or slow progress. It suggests that one should continue with their current path or endeavor despite difficulties or temptations to quit, with the belief that persistence will eventually lead to success, growth, and improvement.

By staying on the bus and trusting the process, you continue moving towards your goals and aspirations. Don’t abandon the journey before you reach your desired destination. To stay on the bus is to believe in, and work for, a better future. Holding true to unrealized benefits and refusing to return to a state of normalcy.

What a beautiful representation of Commercial Real Estate. Brokerage is not a quick start, easy come, easy go career. It takes patience and a reliance to make things happen and make things stick. Stay on the bus.

“Stay on the Bus… because if you do, in time you will begin to see a difference” – Arno Minkkinen

Charlie Coppola

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