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Quick Fitness Routines Every Busy CRE Pro Needs

You know the drill, we all do our best every day to maintain a healthy diet and a consistent sleeping schedule to keep us going for the busy day that lies ahead. But what every busy broker should also squeeze into their hectic day is a regular fitness routine. I get it, how can we possibly schedule one more thing into our calendar?

Check out our list of simple workout routines brokers can fit into their day:

The Power of Micro Workouts

  • Break down your workouts into short, intense bursts. Consider doing a quick 10-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session in the morning or between meetings. At our office building, our team tracks how long it takes us to run up the 3 stories of stairs – the current record is 8.51 seconds!
  • Stand at your desk, setup walking meetings, take phone calls outside on a walk. 

Master the Art of Scheduling

  • Treat your workout like a crucial business meeting. Block out dedicated time in your calendar for exercise, and stick to it as you would with any client appointment. I’ve found I have to workout in the mornings or else my day slips away from me. There’s no chance I can consistently workout after work. 
  • Make a price pact (A term from the book Indistractable) with yourself. The Author, Nir Eyal, has a price pact called ‘Burn the calories or burn the money’ where he tapes a $100 bill to his calendar on the day(s) he wants to workout and if he doesn’t get his workout in, he burns it. Guess what – he hasn’t missed a workout since starting this. 

Fitness as a Networking Tool

  • Join social fitness groups. Connect with real estate owners, prospects, or clients who share your fitness goals. It’s a fantastic way to combine business and fitness. My Wednesday Run Club is one of my favorite parts of each week! 

Incorporate Learning and Fitness

  • Listen to industry podcasts or audiobooks during your workout. It’s a dual-purpose approach, keeping you informed and fit simultaneously. I haven’t mastered this one… I tend to use my workouts to clear my mind and get some time away from work. 

Encourage a Healthy Office Culture

  • Organize friendly fitness challenges with your coworkers. It not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among colleagues.

I believe high-performing executives and businesspeople should approach their health like high-performing athletes. The better the diet, the more consistent the fitness routine, the better I can perform at work. Sticking to a fitness regimen or setting a new personal best is a simple win we can celebrate each week. What’s your fitness win as of recently? How do you get one in with your busy schedule?

I’m rooting for you to hit one more rep and go beyond what you think you can do.

Charlie Coppola

[email protected]



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